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  Initially we set out simply to share some of our knowledge about this fascinating field of study. As a result, this site may be found by some to be rather turgid. Well - we are talking about a scientific discipline, albeit sometimes lightheartedly - not games and gimmicks. IF you want to know more about the subject and find your way to some beautiful pictures of some of the species we study and care for, then click here to continue.

This web site is now incredibly outdated. First written for and uploaded to Compuserve homepages about 15 years ago there have been content updates but little change in appearance coding etc. There is now a brand new site. If you are not automatically redirected, please go to



I have worked variously in a number of loosely related areas including programming, systems and business analysis, and computer and systems audit. But these serve only as the necessary evils to earn a decent living. My first and greatest love (well, apart from the "normal" extra-curricular activities) is herpetology. I have been keeping, breeding and studying Reptiles and Amphibians since 1949 when I caught a slow-worm at the age of three. Now, nearly 60  years later, I have learnt so much about the subject that I am finally appreciating how little I know.

My single greatest interest and concern in this field of study is conservation. And most significantly of the Sand Lizard, one of Britain's and, indeed Europe's rarest and most beautiful Lizards. Part of my active contribution to this is the maintenance of what is currently the only captive breeding population of the rarest race of this lizard - the Merseyside race - which produces youngsters for re-introduction into carefully selected and now protected sites from which they became extinct up to 50 years ago. I also act as the Co-ordinator of the Sand Lizard Captive Breeding Programme. The lead partners in this are the Herpetological Conservation Trust, working with, amongst others, English Nature, the WorldWide Fund for Nature, the Vincent Wildlife Trust and Cefn Cyngor Gwlad Cymru.

But, enough about me - I suggest you visit the interesting pages now!!

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(This is the site of the UK's foremost Herpetological Conservation organisation. The site is now complete - but probably never finished - follow the link above)

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